My group came up with the concept of expressing what it feels like to be paralyzed after someone's been in an accident.


My collage was focused on initial feelings of being paralyzed. I began listed emotions of what fear looked like because I thought that if one was to become paralyzed one of the first emotions was fear. From there I brainstormed related emotions and sought out imagery that matched the words and compounded them into the collage above.

Descriptors: anxiety, confusion, scared, never ending, pressure, overwhelmed, weak, helpless, mute, struggle, trapped, self loathing, helplessness, resentment, bitter





From the collage and descriptors, the group was able to make a concept map and show the sides of paralysis from fear and confusion to burden on the family and their unconditional love of support for what is happening.



 Below is the sound experience (my role was sourcing music files and putting the musical collage together):




I think paralysis isn't something that most people think about or consider that person's feelings and thoughts of what's happening to them. It was a piece to raise awareness and give a look as to what our interpretation of  what being paralyzed is like. The piece starts in a state of confusion where the subject awakens in the hospital and is unaware of what is happening. They hear noise and it seems can hear their own heartbeat, trying to move they cannot simulated by the clanking sounds. The piece then moves into shock and depression where the subject is feeling lost and sad. They are feeling helpless because they cannot do for themselves and must rely on friends and family for everything causing a burden to them. After some time and realization that their situation is not changing they come into an acceptance of their current state and has freed their mind of the chains and negativity they placed on their self.

I think this piece is important because we can see a person paralyzed in real life and depicted in movies, but we often don't know what they are feeling if they cannot verbalize their feelings, how can one relate to another. By expressing emotion through sound in a shared space, we are hoping to create a new sensation and give a deeper subconscious understanding.