For the Love of Chocolate is a chocolate experience that uses the five senses to explore chocolate. 

As the audience enters the space, they are immediately taken with the smell of chocolate as the walls are fully covered. Should they have the indulgence, the audience can take a piece of the wall and eat it as the chocolate is painted on edible rice paper. Once they enter, they go down a narrow hallway to a cabinet. Once at the cabinet, the audience sees that there is a bowl full of chocolate. If they decide they want a piece, they must work for it. 


Using a claw machine they must gather chocolate and then mechanically make it’s way down the cabinet to obtain it and eat it. There are only a certain amount of chocolate pieces and once they are consumed, that is it. As people take chocolate, it is symbolically relating to the decline of the cocoa bean. The cocoa bean is declining and by the year 2020, the price may become unaffordable for most due to reducing cocoa bean farms and increased human consumption. Once the chocolate is gone from the exhibit, the audience will be left to imagine a world without chocolate...Can you imagine not having that soft, sweet flavor of chocolate tingling your tongue for the rest of your life?